What’s This Blog About?


My friends told me that I should start putting my photos online. I resisted this for a long time. I’m not a professional photographer, but I love to go hiking and backpacking and I enjoy the challenge of trying to photograph and capture the incredible beauty of the places I walk to.

I sometimes catch myself asking, “how can I (could I possibly) capture something so immense and beautiful in a photograph?”

To be in these places opens up my heart and brings feelings of awe, humility and great joy. It is a direct experience, intimate and expansive (especially when I hike alone).

If you’ve never been, I hope that these pictures will inspire you to go to the wild places – it’s infinitely better than just looking at pictures online. It is “out there” where we can truly meet ourselves and see and touch the true nature of our existence. It’s a place where play is serious – serious fun!

Being in the wild places also informs me about what’s truly important to me. I am reminded of how temporary and interconnected everything on the planet is. There is not one thing that is untouched by it’s surroundings, or that remains intact and unaffected by time and the elements; that goes for mountains, meadow-flowers and marmots, all the plants, animals and insects. That fact also holds true for the city where I live, the food I eat, the people and things I love, me… everything!

Going “out there” demands that one pays attention, after all there are risks involved. But I ask you, “why wouldn’t you pay attention?! Why miss it (especially intentionally)?!” Life is rich and miraculous. Being out in the wild makes that miraculous richness all the more obvious because that’s where it all comes from. And, it’s also where it all goes back to. Being out there will touch you, it’s an undeniable fact.

If you enjoy nature and scenic photography, you might just enjoy what follows on this blog – even if it is only pictures online.

With a smile,



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